Posted by: sureshamrita | July 9, 2008

How to archive outgoing emails

Archiving incoming mails in a linux system is easily done with procmail. This article shows how to archive outgoing emails.

It is easy whether you have postfix or sendmail as your mail transport agent.

With Postfix

There is an option named “always_bcc”. You may set it like this:

always_bcc = your_email_address.

In fact the above will archive all incoming and outgoing emails.

With sendmail

There is a tool called mimedefang. You can just add something like this in the /etc/mimedefang-filter, in the filter_begin function.

sub filter_begin {
#bcc to gmail
add_recipient( ‘your bcc email address’ );

: the remianing code without modification

The mimedefang approach archives only the outgoing emails.

The sendmail approach was tested in debian etch and the postfix based on one ubuntu 8.04.


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