Posted by: sureshamrita | July 9, 2008

to Ubuntu from Debian

I was a strong debian user. Have been using it for the last 11 years. But then I moved to Ubuntu last week 🙂

All this started when I found ruby to be very interesting. As usual, I was an emacs fan and used emacs for ruby too. Problems came when I wanted to install some lisp package for rails support. The new package said, it will work with only emacs 22.

Ok, got an emacs22 backport but then it wont work with auctex, my favorite latex support package for emacs.

Installed eclipse. But then rdt and Aptana studio and radrails are not working. Downloaded the latest eclipse and tried the same..still not working…

It was then my friends said, they are using eclipse with Ubuntu.

In one day moved to Ubuntu…….after living with Debian for around 11 years 😦

Had to spent a day for configuring my apps…I think it was worth. To quote my learned friend, “Ubuntu is better for developers while debian stable may be used for big servers”. Thats it.

I think moving to ubuntu was a good choice….



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