Posted by: sureshamrita | March 14, 2011

Reducing page count in a latex document

Many a time it becomes necessary to reduce the page size of your document. I face this challenge when I submit a paper for a conference where the typical maximum page size is 8. This blog describes some of the techniques that I found useful. A good summary is available on


  • scaling of images: \includegraphics command has a scale option. eg. \includegraphics[scale=.5]. This reduced the overall size of the figure.
  • Another way to use this command is \includegraphics[width=\columnwidth]. This will scale the width exactly to column width and trial and error approach is not needed. Basic idea from Dr Ninad.
  • \includegraphics command has a trim option which allows one to trim whitespace from the 4 sides of the image. Example: \includegraphics[trim = 1in 2in 3in 4in]. This command removes 1in, 2in, 3in, and 4in of space from the left, bottom, right, and top of the image.
  • \usepackage[belowskip=-15pt,aboveskip=0pt]{caption} will allow you to reduce the skip above and below the caption.
  • \setlength{\intextsep}{10pt plus 2pt minus 2pt}. This command will let you change the space left on top and bottom of an in-text float.


  • Use paralist package and use compactenum/compactitem instead of enumerate. This will reduce the space between items.
  • Use inparaenum of the paralist package to convert an ordinary enumeration to paragraphy style enumeration.

Section/Subsection Titles

  • Look for section/subsection titles that take up more than one line and reduce their length.


  • Look for equations that are typeset in its own lines but are not referred to, in the document else where. Such equations can be merged with text and at least 3 lines can be saved.


  • Look for the bibliography listing. In my last paper, I replaced “IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence” with “IEEE Tr. PAMI” and saved at least 10 lines.! This idea is from Professor Bir Bhanu (my PhD supervisor)

Page Length

  • The page length of one specific page may be increased by one or two lines without affecting the overall appearance by using: \enlargethispage{2\baselineskip}  will increase the page size by 2 lines.


  • This is the ultimate page size controlling command. \renewcommand{\baselinestretch}{.97} In this example, I have reduced  the baselinestretch  to 97% of the normal value. Its normal value is 100%. By changing this, the total page count of the document can be changed drastically, but at the cost of the documents visual quality . This idea is from Professor Bir Bhanu (my PhD supervisor)

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