Posted by: sureshamrita | August 31, 2010

Virtualization using VirtualBox on a linux host

I wanted to run windows on my linux machine (Ubuntu 10.04/64 bit). I first tried Vmware but failed. Then I installed VirtualBox which was very comfortable for installation and configuration. I installed windows xp, ms office and visio. All are working fine. For sharing files between the two OS, the following may be  noted.

  • You must first install the guest additions from the VirtualBox menu (Devices->Install Guest Additions)
  • In Linux, your user id must be a member of the group, vboxusers. You can find out the groups in which you are a member by the command $ groups. If you are not a member of this group, you can edit /etc/group; and add your user id to it. You have to restart virtualbox after this!
  • After carrying out the above steps, from the virtual box menu, Devices -> shared folders will allow you to share directories.
  • For sharing USB/Web cam, click on the Devices->USB Devices and select what all you need. A √ mark will appear before the devices selected.

I am able to share usb drive, web cam (in yahoo video call only) and my home directory between these two operating systems. However, skype is not working, and I am unable to use my web cam in a chat environment in yahoo messenger. But video call is fine. Enjoy virtualbox!

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